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    I got to work with a real hottie last Friday. I had a 'helper' last week, boss is/was hoping some of my goodness rubs off on him. I told him I worked with her once before, maybe a year ago, and that I thought she was a hottie. My helper told me he'd tell me if my tastes were good or not.

    We don't do a whole lot with building EMS and those controls. Especially the older stuff. Too much expense in starting from scratch, trying to figure out which version of software, etc. So we call this other company who specializes in that sort of stuff.

    She's a bit of a slow starter, but she finishes strong. Not afraid of construction sites or to climb a ladder. I had photo's of the controller, but she wanted to see the controller, which just happened to be mounted on the duct work above the ceiling tiles.

    So I held the ladder for her.

    Looking up most of the time; while making every attempt to not let her catch me looking up.
    I don't understand happiness as an ambition . . . It's not really worthy. I understand it as a byproduct.
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    I just cant work with a woman. I love them all, too much... I get myself into trouble
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