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    raidsystemtech - You have heard from the people with the most experience in commercial air conditioning. You will notice that none of the responders have any positive things to say about your suggestion. Even the distilled water idea would be out of the question as the air that the mist is being sprayed through have chemicals that will attack the coils. It does corrode the condenser coils when only air is used as the condensing medium, but at a much slower rate. 10 - 15 years rather then 2 - 3 with water. It's you system all we can do is advise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raidsystemtech View Post
    The chemicals impurities in the tap water? What if you removed 99% of these impurities with a 5-stage R.O. water filter? Maybe a special calcium filter at the end too.

    I am looking at purchasing a building with like 30 residential AC all clumped together in a small square box and I'm thinking about treating all 30 AC like 1 big AC and misting just around the entire general area to cool the temperature of the incoming air.

    Do you think the R.O water would fix this limitation of chemicals rotting the condenser?
    Might it work then?
    It Will Rot Out The Condenser Coil PERIOD

    Don't believe me or the others...................

    Just Do it, take lots of before and after pics. Good Luck

    BTY begin putting $ away for a major capitol improvement

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    Yep, there's the pattern, and I see it all the time. Let's come up with some miracle method of reducing energy use, and when its pitfalls become known, let's throw more energy at that to get the original miraculous idea to deliver on its promises!

    It takes energy to make R.O. water, even if it wouldn't rot the fins on the condenser. It costs money to use water to spray it onto the coils. If a condenser is overcooled it will result in less mass flow of refrigerant through the loop, which results in a constant speed compressor moving less fluid per unit of energy consumed. Sure, the compressor will draw less power, but if the heat load of the building requires a higher mass flow of refrigerant but the system is moving less mass flow due to an overcooled condenser, you're losing ground as the system must run longer to bring down and hold the building interior temperature.

    If you want to save operating cost on air cooled equipment, then install and maintain it correctly. And think long and hard about the building it is being tasked to condition. The list of stupid things we do in building construction to make them ridiculous heat leakers is only challenged by the list of stupid ways HVAC systems are sized, installed, and maintained.
    Building Physics Rule #1: Hot flows to cold.

    Building Physics Rule #2:
    Higher air pressure moves toward lower air pressure

    Building Physics Rule #3:
    Higher moisture concentration moves toward lower moisture concentration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raidsystemtech View Post

    Do AC misting devices work ?
    If so, are they ever used commercially?

    I am looking at a building that has like 30 residential units on the room all in a very small area.

    I'm wondering if some kind of misting system for
    all of those AC could save some money on the electric bill.

    I think the idea is the evaporating water will cause the ambient temperature like
    up to 20 degrees around the outdoor unit and
    is advertised as saving between 20% to 38% off the energy.

    What is your experience with these mist systems?
    Do they work?
    20% to 38% improvement is definitely following along with a Voo-Doo concept.

    Do They work? We don.t know YOUR Region.!

    ONE would Not Achieve a 20'F Outside Air temperature drop with a mister
    unless the environment is VERY HOT & DRY.
    A mister in MANY regions may only provide 5% Efficiency gain for a few hours a day.

    A COMMERCIAL application would likely use W.S.H.P. / Water-Source Heat Pump system
    or a small chiller
    to improve overall efficiency.
    Designer Dan
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    Define the Building Envelope and Perform a Detailed Load Calc: It's ALL About Windows and Make-up Air Requirements. Know Your Equipment Capabilities

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    I wouldn't do it.

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