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    Please help! Heat pump won't turn on.

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I am hoping someone can help me to solve this months long misery.

    I live in Massachusetts and I just bought a townhouse with 2 zone heating, 2 Whirlpool Heat pumps and 2 Whirlpool Air handlers, all same models and are brand new. The first set of Heat pump and Air Handler that supply heat to the lower floors are working fine. However the set that provide heat to the upper floors has not been working since November. The builder has their technicans came in 8 times to fix it but the same problem still occurs.
    The heat pump, a Whirlpool 2 tons 13 SEER, won't turn on. Every time I try to turn on the heat, the outdoor unit will turn on for about 30 seconds and then it will shut off for 10 minutes. It will then turn on again for another 30 seconds and then completely shut off and will not turn back on again. The air handler was running the whole time. Every time the technicians came and open the service panel to manually restart the heat pump again, it will run for a few hours and then the same symptons will occur and I will have to call the technicans back again. After several attempts, including recharging the freon, they thought the pipes were leaking. They re did the whole pipeworks for the upperfloors (the original pipes were abandoned and they run a new line on the exterior wall) and tested it there were no leaks before they left. However, the very same problem happens again the same night after a few hours.
    The last time the technican came, he tested the pressure again and there were no leaks; the Heat Pump is still holding pressure. We have no idea what is going on. He thinks it could be the air handler's motor but it does not seems to be the case. It was running the whole time when the heat is on. They also tried to convince me if the tempeture is too cold, the heat pump will not turn on, which I also think is not the case. The other heat pump that I have (the one that supply heat to the lower floors) is still running even it is 7F outside, just not providing enough heat and need the heat strips to help out. Also, when it is 44F outside the heat pump that has the problem still won't turn on.

    I really appreciate your help! Many thanks.

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    Call and talk to the owner of the HVAC company.
    Calmly discuss the ongoing problem.
    Ask him, if he has sent his best tech out, and if not, request that he do so.

    If he doesn't feel they can resovle this issue.
    Ask him if he wants to change out the whole unit for another one.
    Or if you should have another company come out and fix it. And send him the bill.

    Be polite.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    When there are 2 identical units, sometimes it's good to compare what different about each installation. The main difference I see if the lenght of lineset and the vertical height ot the upstairs Air handler. I though there needs to be a trap on one end. Additionally, if the vertical height or lineset length exceeds a certain amount, a larger lienset is needed. There is a table in the installation heat pump instructions.

    It just sounds to me like they are "chasing their tail" because of a installation problem.... no because of a mfg defect or a leak.

    I thought it's been well documented on this site that installation problem make up more than 3/4 of the issues and somewhat rare is it that the equipment is actually faulty.

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    After they re-did the pipes, it is significantly shorter than before. I think it was over 60ft long. I pull out the booklet and it says the required lineset is 3/4 suction and 3/8 liquid, which I think they are. Can you describe to me what does a "trap" looks like and what does that do? Many thanks again!

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    Live and work in Florida (Thank GOD)
    Never had to work on equipment where outside temps drop below 32F.

    But it sounds like the unit is tripping on a safty switch. low/high or stat.

    you did say that:

    HTML Code:
    [I]Every time the technicians came and open the service panel to manually restart the heat pump again[/I]
    It sounds like he is resetting the unit.

    I would also check your t-stat they have switches on the back for setting of elec/gas etc.. and also on the low voltage wiring according to the brand you have.

    The bottom line is what beenthere said.
    doing one call at a time.

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