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    Proposal and Business Managing Tools

    I have been slamming my head against the wall here trying to find a good easy to use and will create a high conversion proposal software or online tool.
    There are a few out there but the pricing is insane and they look horrible.
    For business day to day managing I use HubSpot.

    Im owner operator and have 1 other guy working with me.

    Thoughts, inputs, prayers etc....

    Thanks in advance

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    Software is entirely personal.

    There are two varieties.
    1. Application based
    2. Integrated based

    You wont find application software that does a HVAC dashboard. Doesn't exist yet. The quickbook integration sure.

    Wintac, or any of a dozen programs do that. But no operational data will flow. Service and scheduling absolutely.

    Integrated. Like Aptora, Successware what we use, or Service Titan will give you one keystroke and data moves to all aspects of the software such as payroll, and financials, service tracking etc.

    Pretty much everyone has mobile and data. But not all equal in that area. User friendly is crucial for techs. Plus having a simple flat rate.

    You always pay a premium for integrated. But you may not need it.

    My suggestions are to put a must do a need to do and nice to do list together of your software requirements then interview and document what each will do. No software does it all.

    Narrow down to a list of 2-3 that meet your lists best, and then figure the budget you'll spend versus the operational needs.

    I like Successware but I am migrating towards Aptora when the mods are finished.

    The integrated financial structure component will help guide your business towards growth through departmentalization and benchmark comparison .

    Hope that is helpful

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    Can you go a little more into detail on what exactly you need the software to do?

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    Remember you asked for more detail…

    Like any software application the goal is to make a necessary and most often repetitive task quicker and more efficient.

    The task in question in this case is what we refer to as your financial structure.

    Financial structure is the system that records, tracks and organizes your data in terms of revenue, expenses, and the activities attached to those events.

    A common example would be your average demand service ticket. The system would record the total of each demand service call, divide by the number of calls in a given period and then give you an average ticket for that period.

    The average ticket is one of the most common benchmarks or KPI that we suggest you track. The advantage is that you can then compare your actual performance to industry benchmarks or KPI to see if you are on track to profitability.

    The more benchmarks you track the more accurate the feedback you get. The more often you can look at these benchmarks the quicker you can make correction. The items that need correction almost always represent mistakes that eat up your potential profit.

    When choosing a system, you need to find the right fit for your business and where it will be in the future.
    The balance is how much time and money you invest on not only implementing your financial structure but also maintaining it.

    For example, if you track the top 20 KPI they should guide you to a 10-15% Earning Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT). Tracking 100 KPI (and yes there are more than 100) will guide you to the 20 % EBIT.

    The question is how much it will cost you get that degree of information. If you’re running a 10 million dollar a year company it is worth it to have a full-time person managing the number side of your business because the extra 5 % in profit will equal 500,000.00. This would be a great return on investment.

    If you are running a 500,000.00 a year business that extra 5% represent 25,000.00 so to pay someone 50,000.00 a year to gain 25,000.00 is not a good investment.

    I know this is a little long winded but believe it or not this is still a simplification of the process.

    Comparing your actual performance to establish business objective will allow you to adjust and get closer to achieving the benchmarks in your business.

    You may (and should) establish a business plan that includes specific business objectives or goals that will allow you to achieve your desired profitability.

    A simply example would be in a million-dollar residential HVAC company with the standard 3 revenue streams, Add on replacement, Demand service and Maintenance service. We would like to see 700,000.00 in replacement sales, 150,000.00 in Demand service and 150,000.00 in maintenance service related sales.

    There are a many of activities that are required for you to hit those objectives and achieve the level of profitability mentioned above.
    The financial structure will keep you on track in terms of all those activities.

    It like trying to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. You would need a scale to weigh yourself every few days to make sure you are on track.

    I will put together a list of the top KPIs for you, stay tuned

    Thank you

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    jron12 and all,

    I put together a list of top 10 KPIs for you.

    1A Gross Profit Per Hour (Demand Service) ------ Gross profit is the total revenue for services provided minus the COGs to provide those service and divided by the number of hour allocated to provide those services. Expressed in dollars not percentage

    Benchmark is 80 GP $ per hour

    Formula ="total daily revenue per unit (man or crew) - COG per unit / # of hours
    1B Gross Profit Per Day / Installation--- Gross profit is the total revenue for services provided minus the COGs to provide those service. Expressed in dollars not percentage

    Benchmark is 650 GP $ per day

    Formula ="day total daily revenue per unit (man or crew) - COG per services require to generate associated revenue
    2 Service Labor The cost of billable service line item

    Benchmark is 22%

    Formula = (total labor paid to provide a given service / total labor charged for that given service) expressed as a %

    3 Service Efficiency Hours billed vs. Hours paid This looks at the level on "Down Time" or non-billable time your hourly techs get paid that they are not billing a home owner.

    Benchmark is 75% (no less than 50%)

    Formula = total hours billed to client in a given period / total hours paid to provide those services in that period

    4 Service Productivity Ability to bill in relationship to COGs to provide the service we bill for

    Benchmark is No Less than 100/ hr. should be 200 / hr.

    Formula = total dollars billed to the clients / total # of hours paid to perform those services

    5A Sales Closure or Conversion (Tech Generated) Conversion on sales opportunities

    Benchmark is 85%

    Formula = # of turn over leads closed/Total # of turn over leads run

    5B Sales Closure or Conversion (Marketing) Conversion on sales opportunities

    Benchmark is 40-45 %

    Formula = Total # of marketing leads closed/ Total # of marketing leads run

    6 Average GP per sale profitability of your sales (Add -On Replacement)

    Benchmark is 650 per man per day

    Formula = Total gross profit per sale / the # of days to complete the services sold

    7 Revenue to Goal Actual revenue sold/ revenue goal for a given period

    Benchmark is 100 % or greater

    Formula = total revenue / Revenue goal

    8 Capacity to sell work days vs actual work day The ability to sell as many potential workdays available

    Benchmark 80%

    Formula = (Total # of actual work days billed/ Field employees) / 254***** (this is the number of working days - the 6 national holidays.)
    9 Service Agreements How successful the service agreement program is within your company

    Benchmark "1000-1500 per 1,000,000.00 of all sales and 50% of all service calls or greater

    Formula = "Actual # of service agreements

    Formula = actual clients participating in active service agreements/Total # of actual clients serviced

    10 Tech Lead Turn Overs High Quality Leads from service call

    Benchmark 7 percent of all service calls

    Formula = Total number of leads generated from planned maintenance services provided / Total # of planned maintenance services provided
    Measure these and you will be well on your way to the 20 % EBIT profit club

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