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    Proposal and Business Managing Tools

    I have been slamming my head against the wall here trying to find a good easy to use and will create a high conversion proposal software or online tool.
    There are a few out there but the pricing is insane and they look horrible.
    For business day to day managing I use HubSpot.

    Im owner operator and have 1 other guy working with me.

    Thoughts, inputs, prayers etc....

    Thanks in advance

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    Software is entirely personal.

    There are two varieties.
    1. Application based
    2. Integrated based

    You wont find application software that does a HVAC dashboard. Doesn't exist yet. The quickbook integration sure.

    Wintac, or any of a dozen programs do that. But no operational data will flow. Service and scheduling absolutely.

    Integrated. Like Aptora, Successware what we use, or Service Titan will give you one keystroke and data moves to all aspects of the software such as payroll, and financials, service tracking etc.

    Pretty much everyone has mobile and data. But not all equal in that area. User friendly is crucial for techs. Plus having a simple flat rate.

    You always pay a premium for integrated. But you may not need it.

    My suggestions are to put a must do a need to do and nice to do list together of your software requirements then interview and document what each will do. No software does it all.

    Narrow down to a list of 2-3 that meet your lists best, and then figure the budget you'll spend versus the operational needs.

    I like Successware but I am migrating towards Aptora when the mods are finished.

    The integrated financial structure component will help guide your business towards growth through departmentalization and benchmark comparison .

    Hope that is helpful

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