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    Energy saving for resetting the AHU setpoint

    Energy saving for resetting the AHU setpoint

    I would like to seek someone help to solve the below problem.

    If the return air temperature setpoint of AHU re-adjust from 22oC to 24oC, how to calculate the energy saving of chiller
    ~ One Chiller cooling capacity & power input: 562 KW & 194.7KW
    ~ One AHU cooling capacity: 132KW
    ~ Return air temperature setpoint of AHU: 22oC

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    Return air enthalpy, supply air enthalpy, and volume of air moving through air handler can help you on this problem. Since I'm an IP guy, the calculation would be 4.5 * CFM * enthalpy difference between return and supply. Run the numbers with your two different sets of return air set points to see what capacity difference is apparent. From there the difference would show up at the chiller.
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