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    How do you like American Standard Residential Air Conditioners and furnaces?

    How do you like American Standard Residential Air Conditioners and furnaces? Pros and Cons?

    Have been dealing with York for the past 6-7 years and slowly making transition to American Standard. Wanted to hear your thoughts on their equipment.


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    I went with American Standard for both our coastal and SE PA homes. The coastal system is a SEER 14 heat pump and the PA system is SEER 16 AC with condensing gas furnace.

    A facilities engineer for a Somer's Point NJ hospital remarked "Trane spike fins never die!" Since nothing lasts forever, I'm thinking he's comparing them to the typical offerings by others. His take is rain washes the salt spray off the spline fin condensing coils better than the plate style.

    The TXV and EEV on my units came brazed to the evap coils unlike my neighbor's Goodman system.

    The other Item I like is both units came with high and low pressure cut-out switches. A past Goodman dry replacement condenser didn't have the switches and I suspect an obstructed orifice drove the compressor relief valve until it failed.

    The coastal system is has their GAF2 air handler. This is a double wall unit constructed from ABS plastic. After seeing the rust and corrosion on it's predecessor, I'm happy with the choice.

    Warranties for both expired and neither required attention since install.

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    They are just OK. Not Goodman, not Top-end units. Just OK mid-range equipment.
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    Like everything else. It depends on the installer.

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