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    Quote Originally Posted by icemeister View Post
    As a tech, or more importantly, as a business owner, I would be giving some serious thought about owning up to the mistake and correcting it for the customer at no charge. Sell the "mistake" at cost one day and I won't hurt quite so bad.

    Ask me how I know.
    Im not a bussiness owner but ive made an identical mistake. My boss was fine with going back and installing the correct compressor.
    The best part
    was that the supply house fessed up to suppling the wrong compressor and warranted it!
    That was a mental crusher at the time as i was pretty new and volunteered to install this compressor at 5 am so the resturant could have cooling.
    One of the old guys came by and showed me how to wire it so it would cool.
    I told the owner what had happened and he was just thankful to have cooling, he also liked that the correct 3 phase warranty compressor and labor was all free, and we gave him a big credit on time. Lost money but still have his bussiness years later

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    Do you ever get a compressor that's a different phase?

    Turns out it’s the same compressor, just ends in PFV. No RLA on the nameplate or in Copeland app. Serial doesn’t match what’s on the box, so someone at the factory screwed up and somewhere there’s probably a three-phase in a single-phase box LOL. Either way, I’ll call Carrier Monday and demand they give us the right compressor at no cost and a labor credit.

    Edit: just checked both serial numbers on the Copeland app. The one on the box comes up as invalid, but the one on the compressor pulls up info. RLA for the compressor in there is 21.8A, well over the nameplate on the unit.

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    I am delighted by the fact that you provided the customer comfort, got the job done, and all without freaking out and screaming someone else was to blame.

    "Huh? Damned compressor ain't right - well no problem; I'll make it all work."



    Quote Originally Posted by CircusEnvy View Post
    I don’t think I’m going to do anything like upsizing the overcurrent protection. Once I find out what’s in there, I’m going to call Carrier and see what they say, which will probably be me having to put the right compressor in.

    And just to clarify, the right compressor model number matches what Carrier quoted me and what’s on the box, so I didn’t think to look at the compressor itself when I plopped it in. I should’ve at least checked it when I did find out it was single-phase, but it doesn’t matter any way. It was already brazed in at that point. Still have to do the same work to replace it any way and least my client has cooling for now.

    The reason I didn’t think too much about it is because I’ve been given some really stupid superseded parts in the past without prior information, like needing to re-pipe something, wire it another way, or not having the same dimensions of the original part.

    At least we can all take something away from this: check the label before you leave the supply house!

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    What I consider the most amazing part of this story, is the part the manufacturer played. For reasons only known to Copeland, the factory has (as long as I remember) failed to list voltage and phase on the carton. Interesting thought experiment. How many pennies of ink do they save in a year? How many (thousands?) of dollars are wasted by simple mistakes, because the voltage and phase are NOT listed on the carton? Guesses anyone?

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