Hi all -

I had a new Carrier split CAC system installed 6 weeks ago (2 ton condenser model 24ACC624A033 / air handler model FV4CNF002L00), and last week I noticed a dried white discharge at the exit of my down spout for the gutter that the pvc condensate line drains into. It hadn't rained for two weeks prior, so all water was from the condensate. I did a mirror-on-a-stick check of the gutter (I can't get on a ladder) and didn't see anything in there that would explain the white stuff.

My question is: is it possible this white stuff is actually coming from the condensate? I read that R-410A refrigerant is mixed with POE oil for lubrication and that this oil can absorb water and turn acidic so I am worried about a leak of this stuff from the coils in the air handler into the drain pan. Does this kind of thing happen? Is there another explanation?

The system is still cooling ok, and the condenser is reasonably quite when running, though it does turn on and off with what I think is an unusually loud "clank". I had a tech over two weeks ago (before there was any white discharge) and he said that it draws a lot of amps and that explains the noise. I wasn't too convinced. My previous 20 year old Comfort Maker system didn't make such a loud noise turning on and off.

Thanks for all advice,

- John