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Thread: IoT gauges

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    IoT gauges

    I made my own always-on A/C monitoring system which reports the PT's to the cloud where I can go view graphs from all time.

    Here is the setup from bottom up
    DS18S20 temp sensor & refrigeration tape
    0-5V, 0-500 psi pressure transducer, Digikey
    Custom PCB
    NodeMCU LUA code

    All A/C's should send their information to the cloud. A system like this either factory installed or service company installed would be great. We could sell monitoring for a $2/mo fee and predict when the system will need servicing. The Internet service would (on the tech's end) detect certain problems before they are major in a way that only an always-on system could: tiny leaks, TX valve sticking, partial clogs, minor compressor wear. Then reach out to the home owner and offer service as a reduced cost for them to avoid major service.

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    Cool, got pics?

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