I had a customer call me today in regards to a BMTW BCU that has been having some problems. They had a power outage over the weekend, and the BCU is now showing a 8 on the little screen. In the past this alarm code cleared with a power cycle. Well not this time. This description of this code mentions the processor is in reset or no functioning software. I have heard that typically replacing the capacity module takes care of this issue? Are those capacity modules still available? Is there anything special I need to do when installing the new capacity card? I have a backup of the site. So I can download everything as needed. I have just read through some things about dip switches, etc. I just want to make sure I know the process. Personally I have never had to load everything back into a BCU. All of the sites I have worked on have been up and running. I assume I will be prompted to download when I synchronize up with the BCU with no program?

Thanks for the help!