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    TRANE RTAA bearing noise suction side

    Guy's Got a RTAA you have been kind enough to lend a hand on through the years and shes been running like a top. Customer called me out unit was really loud. 2 weeks ago did full pm on it thought I heard the very early beginnings of a noise and advised them to call me if it got louder. I just wasn't sure I'm starting to have hearing trouble and it's really screwing with me sometimes on trying to troubleshoot stuff.

    Circuit B compressor has a audible bearing noise/ roughness and a higher pitched squeal than normal from startup through fully loaded sounds like it's directly at the suction inlet side about 6-8 inches inboard from the rear. This one sounds internal mechanical I don't think there could be any external causes. Are there any field replaceable bearings to change I shut it down so it doesn't kill itself. I realize compressor rebuild or bearing replacement isn't for your average tech but I've got the tools and work on complicated mechanical stuff all the time. Or is it just time to change out a screw and call it a day and move on down the old dusty trail

    No oil flow trip codes
    oil in separator within spec level
    oil still pretty and clean.
    condenser coil clean
    77 suction
    320 dp
    111 OAT in chiller area
    56 entering water
    40 degree leaving
    fully loaded running on 1 circuit only for diagnostics

    Thanks Guys have a great weekend

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    replace compressor if it is a problem. vibration analysis will confirm issue. there isn't a bearing at the back of the motor...only at the middle and front of the compressor.
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    Agree with Jay perform vib analysis or replace

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    I've seen them run for years like that, I've had some so loud and screaming like they're going to blow up at any minute and they keep running for years, tell the customer it's making a bunch of noise and should be replaced, I've never seen anyone rebuild them in the field but there was a cool video on Youtube that shows them being rebuilt.
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    I repair offen in field...

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    Broken discharge check valve .
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    I'd check psid across the oil filter as well. I've seen high differentials without giving an oil flow control diagnostic because the switch wasn't set or functioning properly. Should be set for 50psid. I've never seen the bearings replaced in the field and you're not supposed to. You'll never obtain the correct tolerances with the screws once taken apart in the field. All needs done at the factory. You just replace the compressor. Good luck.

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