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    central a/c unit

    In July, 2017, I had a new inside a/c unit installed. Since the installation, I smelled a chemical odor and got a metallic taste in my mouth among other symptoms. On May 10, 2018, I had another inside unit (and also an outside unit) and I still have a chemical odor and metallic taste in my mouth but only worse. The other symptoms are worse as well. Both of these a/c's also made and make my upstairs floors vibrate. Does anyone know what is causing the chemical odor? And why the inside unit is making my upstairs floors vibrate? Part of my upstairs subfloor is not level now because of the vibration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Debra Guarneri View Post
    Part of my upstairs subfloor is not level now because of the vibration.
    I dont even know how this is possible
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