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    Quote Originally Posted by icy78 View Post
    I think you'll find that it's okay to reintroduce the condensate. However it has to go into the filtration system, so now you need a method of bringing the pressure up via some type of condensate pump, to inject it into the filtration system.

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    As per Dectron & Seresco for reusing the condensate!!! The condensate going down a drain instead of back to the pool is/has to be made up by new incoming water. KindaSorta the amount of makeup water per year is = to the amount of water in the pool.

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    Didn't read all the post but I do a lot of these systems of all makes. Your questions are very common & all have already been answered by most ever pool heat pump/dehumidification manufacturer. Get on all their web sites & you will find a ton of answers then follow those building instructions to the letter, especially about the vapor barrier. You WILL be sorry if you don't.

    I've seen 3 ceilings fall into a pool because of the building lack of proper construction. Then all the stuff gets into the pool, goes into the filter(s), then the pump and clogs up the lines. Not a pretty site. When the ceilings come down, false or sheet rock, then the real damage can be seen that has been happening to the structure.

    Follow the building directions to a "T", install the system exactly as they tell you too with no short cuts to save money, then have the system maintained no less than twice a year & you should be good for at least 10 years.

    Most of my systems are now going into 20 years of operation & have brought back to life a few & it is a very expensive repair process.
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    Perhaps you will be interested in this software to calculate the moisture release in the pool:

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