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    Rheem has a somewhat different water heater with a DIM:

    First one below the tankless models...

    Lots of options there... a few minutes browsing might help one see what is available.

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    I'm fairly certain that Bradford White is using a Jakel blower with a PSC motor, and I thought that AO State followed suit?

    Have to check specs, I'm going off of memory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buford View Post
    But you save those KW of electric units, and they work during a power outage!
    Everything works when you have a generator.

    Or, an alternative way to heat water without needing electric or gas.
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    We put in Branford white and they are 3.1FLA. Just got an email from AO smith they said that theirs is 3 - 5. so if it is a Jakel blower it is still a shaded pole motor.

    No I can't use a direct vent I have 20' to outside wall.
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