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    make up air question?

    I have a customer that has an exhaust hood with no make up air, but he has a swamp cooler. Could swamp cooler do a job of what make up air can do or you need to have make up air to properly replace air that been exhausted?

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    When make up air is provided there are several ways it is done. Swamp cooler is not good unless you are in a low humidity area and the kitchen is not normally humid. If you want to add make up air you first need to determine how much. A lot of hoods heat the make up air in cold weather by do not cool the air. On smaller hoods the air handling unit is often sized to handle the make up air needed. In my opinion swamp coolers are not good for kitchen make up air period. Some facilities don't add make up air and let the building go negative. Check the local codes and go from there.

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    I've run into swamp coolers used for make up in kitchens. Sometimes it's because the make up air fan failed and a swamper was cheaper than fixing the fan. Sometimes they are used with media and water run to them and sometimes they just use the fan in the cooler.
    Some exhaust hoods w/o make up air have swamp coolers just dump their air into the kitchen. The cooks really like that as many kitchens have no cooling.
    Our humidity is normally low so a swamper can be used if the supply air is closely matched to the hood. This is fairly easy as long as the media is clean. Over a season the minerals in the water will slow the air down. A kitchen can't be too positive or the restaurant's mechanical cooling will be compromised.
    Here makeup of some kind is needed because the restaurants are usually cooled mechanically and don't want conditioned air being exhausted. The kitchens are usually neutral or somewhat positive. Set up matters.
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