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    Am I too old to start

    I want to hang out a shingle and start my own residential HVAC company. My fear at being 52 is that to old to get started? I've been working in the residential market since 95, but always for someone else.

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    Quite a few missing variables here. Do you have worked lined up to start? Could you support yourself. It's not too hard to start a business, have customers, have a business license, then have them pay you for your work.
    Now there is more to it than that but with the info you provided who knows if you could start a business or not.

    It's like diagnosing a unit; you need all the info.

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    Never too old as long as you have the skills and set yourself up for success.

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    Hell NO,on the age thing.
    Hell YES on doing it thing.

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    Are you prepared to work 70 or 80 hours a week? Do you have start-up money? Because you ask the question in my opinion you are not dedicated enough and should forget it. I went into business at age 54 and didn't ask anyone's advice because I was determined to do it and didn't care what anyone else thought. I didn't get rich but did made a living.

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    It's like pizza and sex...when it's good it's great, and when it's's still pretty good.
    Like the others said, do all the prep. Maybe start doing extra work at night/weekends (with your own truck, insurance, tools, parts) until you get enough to make the break.
    Sometimes, you just need to land one big account (and have the cash to carry you) to get the ball rolling.
    I'm 52, lots of aches and pains (but I would have them anyway), and I'd sell in a second if a legitimate offer came in. I get to make my own hours-any 50-80 hours a week I want . I don't think I can work for anyone, so I'll do this until I either hit the lotto (maybe I should play?), my body fails me, or roll a 7.
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    You need to be able to physically do the installs, duct work, etc... when you start out, that is the only issue.

    Every duct run my company ran the first year it was open, I did. I was on call for 19 months straight until I hired someone. That is really the only question regarding your age, physically can you do it until you have enough work to hire someone else to do it?

    Beyond that, being 52 is all the more reason to start your own company.

    This is a young mans game and you cannot do service and installs forever.

    I do not drive a van anymore. I am not on call anymore. As a matter of fact, all of my tools are piled up in a corner of my office. I am my companies full-time salesman now. I plan the jobs, manage the employees, deal with the clients...etc

    As you get older, that is where you really need to be. (i'm 40)
    It is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners.

    ~Albert Camus

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    For many under 40, 52 seems old. For some it is but for most 52 is entering the age of wisdom and they will never be better.
    So the ?? Are you an old 52 or a young one. In other words where is your head.
    I remember some in HS that were old before their time. They just acted old.
    Why does it matter? It matters because someone with a young mind is more willing to take the necessary chances a business requires. I didn't say risk.

    Are you physically ok?
    Can you manage your debt?
    Do you have money to fall back on? (six months wages)
    Are you energetic.
    Do you really like the business? Are you passionate about hvac?
    Do you have support at home? If in a relationship, is it stable?
    Has your family been in business before?
    Do you have connections that might be helpful? Can you start off running?

    These are just some of the traps/snags that a startup might have.
    The SBA has good help. A BIG surprise comes to lots of start ups that just because you have a good product doesn't mean customers will respond. My first try flopped. My second was successful but not because of me necessarily. A happy accident.
    Often a failure is no fault of the owner. Excrement occurs.
    I should have played the g'tar on the MTV. MK

    You can be anything you want......As long as you don't suck at it.

    SMW Lu49

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    Check with SCORE and your local chamber of commerce for business startup help. They can be lifesavers.

    Many people who go into business for themselves for the first time fail to take the time to develop an understanding of the business side of things. You might be a great tech and a great installer and a great money manager, but without some business knowledge you might crash on takeoff.

    This might sound obvious to some, but it is important:

    (Also recommend searching on Startpage, but that HVAC link is not pasteable.)
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