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    Check out this mechanical room!!!!

    Just look at the furnace behind this washer and dryer mostrocity!!!

    Nice dryer vent!!!

    You can see the furnace better here....How am I supposed to service this thing?

    PS: The writing on the water heater reads" Do not place items on the boiler" or something like that...this place is a daycare...I couldn't believe it myself...Have fun Guys and Gals.

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    you call it a mech room...

    i call it a trainwreck, driven by bubba.

    i personally like the condensate drain into the sink...

    have fun!

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    Have THEM move the washer/dryer combo and the sink if required. Then you can service the furnace, along with rerouting the condensate line. Make the business responsible for reassembly of the room so you don't get blamed if anything else leaks or fails to operate after reinstallation, except for the furnace of course. Or...pass on this one! Some jobs just aren't worth it. Happy Turkey Day!!!

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    Servicing Instructions:
    Slide your tool box under the sink, then simply dive over top the washer head first. When finished reverse the above.

    I went on a call the other day, furnace facing about 2 1/2'
    from basement wall. OK, I can live with it had worse. Needed to order part, came back a couple days later and found a water softner installed in that space with salt bags to boot piled up. The homeowner said they just had it put in that morning and the water guy said that was the beat place!

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    Hey TR I see you're in Columia. I'm not too far from you. I looked at your profile because that room looked afully familiar. No I didn't install it. But serviced once a day care with a furnace installed just like that in Sumter. We declined future service because they wouldn't remove the washer and drier or fix the drier vent. Does this daycare have "french" name?
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    1,143, this is in Columbia...I guess it's in the South Carolina day care code book to install washer/dryer combos right in front of the furnace in the mechanical room?!?LOL, When this furnace goes down, and it will, that's when I'll make them move it...until then it's fun to laugh at...Cheers.

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    There are two screws at the top of that panel between the washer and dryer take those out remove the panel and you can reach through there to work on the furnace, hope you have long arms.

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    It's a Kenmore Washer/dryer.. I wonder if the guys from Sears put it there, and did the fine art work of the dryer venting into the PVC??

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    if i came across this abortion i would just pick up my tools and say 'SEE YA!"

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