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    Looking for a Job as a NYC Refrigeration Engineer

    Any one have any tips on finding employment? Local 30 and local 94 have no work and they wouldn't even accept my resume. I went to Turner School and I have had my refer ticket for well over a year with no luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

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    ever consider going into a service company till the buildings position opens up.Trane,Carrier,York do all the Local #94 buildings in the city and downtown Brooklyn.the engineers there lead you into there mechanical rooms hang out and BS during the work which could be for a (week into months) on repairs and winter maint.keep your ticket current on the renewals and a couple of summers go by and you might hook up thru servicing the buildings.each building has its politics within the building engineers group,and with everbody wanting to become chiefs.some of the larger service companies.....Donnally...Arista...PJ....JDP....all 638 shops have techs that are strictly 94/30 guys,and are in the buildings they installed stuff in,and when it gets occuppied they slide their tech in as a stationary......few and far between seen a tech become a chief a couple of times.some shops in the city hire guys just to be in the buildings and get you into 638 Local for bennies......nice deal can't "HANG YOUR TICKET"as they say in them,because Local 94 has to be in there first.94 doesn't allow single engineers running a single site (building) you will see a minimum of 2 ...possibly 6,10,15(rock center)...2 one the afternoons,and 2-3 guys on the's a crap shoot to get in,but you need to get at least get into the flow of the industry first either it be a building or a service company with a truck.
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