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Thread: Tight spaces

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    Tight spaces

    Been lurking for quite a while and just had to share this gem. Seeing we got the go ahead for the repairs today I figured I'de share.

    I was dispatched to this one back on 12/24 origionally. Word was the gas co said its broken, get it fixed and locked out the meter. The property mgmt company sent me in to get a heads up on the situation.

    I discovered that there are four appartments in the building and three of the four gas meteres are locked out. The water heater for the first floor was tagged and locked out back on 7/20/08 for a lack of cementing around the flu where it penetrates the chimney. Never fixed, the tennant hasn't had hot water since and apparently never bothered to call anyone until the furnace died.
    (Note the control knob of the second water heater literally touching the first one.)

    The boiler, which I really thought was disconnected and just left in place is the only working source of heat and only services the second floor right unit. Its pilot was out. I'm still amazed it took a pilot, stayed lit and didnt blow me up. The pictures don't do it justice.

    The forced air furnace, a sears homart, was tagged for a leaking gas valve on 12/16. Just to make it that much more enjoyable someone walled it in. Clearence to the wall from the furnace is only about 18 inches as judged by my rechargeable drop light.

    I replaced the valve, and cemented the flu today.

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    looks like a very pleasent place to work to me I been in some of those tight places before and had to think...if i ever catch who installed this i'm gonna cut their fingers off.
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    i would have checked the heat exchanger on that forced air before messing with the gas valve. just looking at the furnace in the pictures id bet its hx is cracked.
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