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Thread: Why?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XcelTech View Post
    Why? What...I mean....I.....WHY!

    I've done this before. 4 story building and small gauge tstat wire. We were only getting 18v back from the stat. We used RIB relays that close at anything above 10v(I think).

    Worked well. Owner didn't want to pay to pull new wire.

    I can't explain the blue wire??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian8383 View Post
    We used RIB relays that close at anything above 10v(I think).
    RIBU1C - the multi-tap relay with pilot light. These are the greatest. Yes, they close at 10V AC or DC to 24 Volt on the lowest tap wire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by obieone View Post
    Why is Y2(BL) going to Y1?
    I get the relay, but, Y2 on Y1, when it's a 2 stage confusing me?
    Even if they're twinned on the back of the TB, there'd be no need for blue?

    Actually, the relay doesn't make any sense either: If the signal coming back from the tstat is strong enough to energize the relay coil, then it would be strong enough to then activate the CC1 coil?
    UNLESS, there is an economizer?
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    This is a perfect Solution to a truly wall of shame condition.

    This is a helper relay. A hero by needing 10? ma of current rather than 40. Add to this- the inrush current is proportional to the square of the mass of the plunger and company. Yet there is more to our hero, he get hidden power straight from R and gives it to the dying Mr contactor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ararams View Post
    The thermostat wire is too small or the run is too long.
    That is not "wall of shame" material.
    Blue is sending 24v back to the space to energize something else when the relay closes on a call for cooling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by billygoat22 View Post
    they have a nest downstairs
    My thought exactly! I had a nest thermostat connected to a Maytag furnace, it was sending a stray voltage back down to the board causing havoc... Don't know what's up with the blue wire though...
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    Nest and a maytag lol

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