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Thread: I-85 Rebuild

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    I-85 Rebuild

    After a big fire destroyed a section of I-85 in Atlanta on 30 March 2017, the section was rebuilt ahead of schedule. At first, predictions were several months, then three months, then 2-1/2 months. The project was completed 6 weeks and two days after the fire. The contractor received a $3M bonus.

    If this had had to go through the federal government, we would still be waiting for a contractor to be selected. The project would have taken well over a year and been ridiculously over budget.

    Completed I-85 Collapse Rebuild Time-Lapse

    I-85 contractor explains details of fast rebuild

    Live video:
    I-85 Collapse Rebuild

    Two short articles about the fire and the project completion:

    Part of I-85 collapses in Atlanta after massive fire

    I-85 northbound lanes reopen in Atlanta
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    6 weeks?!?!

    concretes not even reached full strength yet! lol. (< joking).

    in all seriousness though, this is amazing work, but insanely expensive.
    so before you lament how long geoengineering and civil projects takes to get done normally... just recall that this bridge being down was an ENORMOUS drag on the economy. because of its impact in this case it made all the sense in the world to work like this, 24/7... flying through OT hours.

    also note how they kept the column footings in place. fire remediation of structural concrete is a seriously touchy subject... im guessing they had some very very good engineers, and very good NDE professionals working on that.

    are there any public drawings or plans for this project?

    from what i can see... it looks like they removed the the tops of the columns, then scabbled the column exterior all the way to ground level, then layed a new rebar cage over the OD of the column. idk anything about structural remediation though.

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    When the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis fell down it took nearly a year to rebuild it, so you've got us beat there.

    Of course it probably helps that your bridge was smaller, didn't cross a major river, didn't have to be completely re-designed, and didn't have to deal with winter for any part of the construction.

    Here's a time lapse I found of our bridge being rebuilt...

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