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    Old style Test 523 question.

    I picked up an old style Testo 523 last year at the RSES international conference. Got em cheap in a silent auction benefiting Special Olympics.
    Other than there not being anything to do with the hoses, it is a very solid unit, better than the new style in some ways.

    I mostly just use them as a backup to my Digi-Cool BTD-1000 and new style Testo 523.

    The big question I have is, if I buy the software and computer cable for it, will it work in 64 bit Windows Vista? My convertable tablet and desktop both run 64 bit Vista.
    While I don't have any particular plans to datalog anything, I'd like to have it as an option.

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    Don't see why not
    Will let you know as soon as I figure out how to run Windows on my Mac
    Also for the old cable you'll need a 9 pin serial to usb if that's what you have for connections.
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    I don't think it will work, I tried mine when I purchased my new laptop and couldn't get it to work.

    The old unit is a good solid unit, getting used to the selection keys and how to navigate back and forth is key on these.
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