Since im a tool whore I felt it would be a good idea to give away all my current to a family member in the trade, so I could buy new owns.

1) What is the best online store to buy from? Are these any stores that are affiliated with this website?

2) Im thinking of buying this stuff:
Manometer - Testo 510 (this is big for me b/c ive always used a magnehelic)

Humidity and Temp Testo 610 (another big one Ive always used a sling)

Multi HVAC test tool Testo 435-1, I like the idea of testing CO2 and Humidity and Temp, so if I get this I might not need the 610

Gas Leak - Inficon Gas Mate Combustible Leak Dectector

Electrical Test tools - Fluke 87-V Multimeter
Fluke 322 Clamp on

Combustion Anaylizers If I get the 327 or 330 then I would not really need the 435 or a gas leak dectector then, right? they pretty much measure some of the same things.
Testo 327-1
Testo 330-1

Also I could use a recomendation on a good IR Thermometer.