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    - I have a chance to buy a rarely used Extech Thermo-Aneometer 451112 for a good price. I am wondering if this is a good tool to have and if this particular tool is of good quality.

    I am also wondering if the new yellow mini Extech aneometers are as good as the 451112 or even better?

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    i personnaly don't like anemomters.

    i would rather have a hood, but the cost is outa this world lol well outa my reach!!

    i posted an extech thread a lil while back and got mixed answers from both sides of the fence.

    told that the older meter s weren't that good.

    extech owned by flir now, and newer meters are supposedly better.

    i dunno, i'm still up in the air about extech. but if it's a good deal, and you know how to use an anemometer, go for it
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    If the price is good enough, I might try it out. A couple of my techs have purchased Extech stuff and have been satisfied for the price. Even with a hood, there are still times when you have to have a anemometer to traverse grilles and such that you can't get to with the hood.

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    I would be afraid to buy a use Extech I owned some
    Extech and it does NOT take Wacke well.

    If you know the history maybe if it is dirt cheap then give it a try.
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    Take a look at the Testo 410-1 (velocity only) or the 410-2 velocity temperature and RH, WB/DB or the 417 and 416.

    Anemometers have several advantages over other methods of measuring airflow including making a non density dependant measurement of airflow. They are handy also for proportional balancing of a system.

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