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    Confused How do I insulate pier and beam floor?

    My house is pier and beam. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to insulate under there? The house sits up off the ground about two feet and there is no skirting so it is open.

    Someone told me to get large styrofoam blocks and strap them up underneath. Sounded good but would give rodents and bugs plenty of room to make new homes. Same goes for fiberglass insulation.

    I thought about having that spray foam sprayed under there, but am worried it might hold moisture between it and the wood sub floor?

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    Best bet is to end the speculation and call insulators in your area and see what they recommend. Everybody on here will have an opinion on what is right. Which doesn't really matter unless they will be the ones doing the insulating.
    I like DIY'ers. They pay better to fix.

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    Go to .. may be some help there.

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    Dr. Joe has an article on this very subject over at Bottom line...insulate the stem walls and do not ventilate the crawl space in a humid climate. Houston qualifies for the latter.

    Here's one for starters:
    Building Physics Rule #1: Hot flows to cold.

    Building Physics Rule #2:
    Higher air pressure moves toward lower air pressure

    Building Physics Rule #3:
    Higher moisture concentration moves toward lower moisture concentration.

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    By far the best answer is to add skirting and insulate that.

    Make sure that whatever you use for the skirting and insulation does not provide a pathway for termites. Look around for borate treated foam board for the insulation. Invest in termite protection for the house - find somebody that uses Termidor.

    About once a month, when you plan on being gone for several hours or longer, set off one of the insect foggers underneath the house. That will discourage bugs and rodents. It will also encourage you to seal off all the air leaks between the crawl space and the house.

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    You could cover it with a sheetstock or panels and fill with blown cellulose. Depending on the beam spacing you could build a "framed grid" for the panels to be supported with. Often the panels can be supported by small battons attatched to the sides of the beams and the panels would rest on top of them.

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