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    looking to get trained int hvacr

    im 23 lookign to start a profesional career in either hvacr, plumbing or electrical in massachusetts. from what i hear electriacal guys are getting cut down pretty good, so any suggestions on what kinda move i shoud make,would love any help

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    I think many of the trades are seeing some downsizing, as with many things in this economy. For training, try the Peterson School

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    yea thats where im looking at just having a hard time deciding on what i wanna do but i am leaning towards plumbing

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    There are many programs in Mass. The State Dept of Public Safety website lists many programs. Talk to people who have attended the different programs. I did not find the Peterson School program was worth the money. Check out the colleges-I believe Wentworth offers an HVAC program. Try getting into a union.

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    i recommend you go to local career center to look for more infomation about each trade and school. They have a lot info about it.

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