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    Heat N Glow Escape 42 Gas Fireplace

    I have a question about above fireplace. I have this is my new house and it is almost a year old. Does anyone know if at the top of the fireplace where the glass meets and to the front metal, there is an approx. 3 inch opening all the way across the top. Should this be insulated? I can feel a lot of cold air coming in when it is real cold outside.
    Does this help cool the fireplace?

    The sides of the fireplace seal up with the fake brick.My fireplace is on an outside wall built with a 3 foot extension outside just for the fireplace.I would like to put some unfaced insulation in this area but I do not know if this should be left open.My contractor does not know the answer.We have all the proper clearances and we also installed a non combustible floor to set fireplace on.

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    Time to find another contractor, we are unable to see your installation and it's particulars.

    We are unable to help with any DIY projects.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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