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    Fluorescent to LED Driver Question?

    I've replaced every Incandescent bulb in my house with LED. I'm going after the Outdoor Hubble Halogens now. They are almost 30 years old. I'm looking at Retro-fitting Lithonia Fluorescent T 12, with LED tubes. Should I go with an external driver or driver built into the lamps. There's not much cost difference. The External Drivers and Lamps are Sylvania. The "Toggled" Lamps are from Home Depot.

    The Hubble's are getting replaced with e-conolight SKU: E-HL7F07C2Z. They are as heavy duty as the Hubble, throw out more light than the 300 watt lamps at 76 watts each.
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    Personally I would rather have the power supply in the light. My problem is I hate fluorescent lighting. I understand it was amazing technology when it came out, but it is also time consuming at times. I think it is better to have one "piece" where if it goes bad you can take it back and exchange it versus having to diagnose whether the driver went bad or the light did. And drivers seem to go bad on a regular basis at my work...

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    Are the drivers overloaded? Too many lamps/lamp with too high of a draw for the driver?

    Surprised you have that many drivers go out...granted Vegas heat can do damage in a hurry, especially if they are not rated for the environment.
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    ditch the ballast! It consumes power and will die, making you replace it to keep the LED lit.

    So far I have replaced over 400 T-12 and T-8's at my facility with the direct wire LED's. My guy can do it in his sleep. Just make sure you do not connect the 120V or 277V to the shunted tombstone. Use the non-shunted ends. LED's in this quantity are as cheap as a decent Fluorescent and NO disposal cost for the LED....

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