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    next step? your opinion please

    just got the news from the boss that we are probably closing up shop. i have been with them for about a year. small shop, 4 guys, primarily manufacturing custom chillers, doing some related installation and light tech work. i was in residential for almost seven years before getting this job doing primarily installation. my journeyman liscence was grandfathered in, i received it before there was a program in idaho. i'm 27 married with no kids. there is virtually no work in my area, boise. i want to become a quality refer tech. i'm considering using this time while the economy is in the crapper to get some training. online is not an option for me, i need hands on. i'm considering the seabees. nobody is hiring locally, especially a trainee. any advice would be appreciated.

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    try Trane/Bosie they have a listing on HVAC AGENT for a 2 year tech to train up on their equipment
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    Referfab, how is it looking? Have you found anything in Boise? I used to work in the area, nice place. Hope you can stick it out.

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    If you can and are wiling to move to were ever the work is, you'll have a much better chance of landing a Good job.

    Ask for a letter of reference.

    Good luck
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    the company im with now is still in limbo, nobody knows what is going to happen. my wife and i have decided that if i cant get an equal or step up job that we'll invest in some training. there is some pretty interesting openings out there if you are willing to relocate, we're still weighing that out. any decent programs in the western states that you guys recomend for controls/chillers etc? Thanks for the concern guys.

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