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    How many changues of air in a smoking area?

    Hi to you all, currently my brother and a friends star the remodelign of a place to be a bar.

    Place will be ready for 100 to 250 people. In two main zones ( dont divided)
    in to areas similar, in this dimenensions.

    Length :12m
    Heigth: 2.7m
    width: 8m

    The manuals, says around 5 to 7 changues per hour, yet myself dont smoke and I want to make the place as smoke free... I went to an approach of 10 changes and went to distribute the extraction on 8 intakes.

    Is this will be sufficient?
    There is any rule of thumb for something like this?

    Thanks a lot.

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    I don't know of any regs on this but there probably is. I have done air balance in this type of facility and the main thing you need to make sure of is that the smoking area is negative with respect to non-smoking.

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    It depends on the level of smoke inside the room............maximum occupancy at a time...........basis which we can guide on air changes per hour.
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    MG. You are not allowed to advertise your company. Unless you are a Pro member. And then the link to your company website must be in your sig only.
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    How about demand ventilation based on CO2 levels? I am making a big gamble in my facility that this will work to keep the air fresh and also control energy costs as population changes. Should have new system up in a month or so.

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    Wouldn't be a problem in California. Not allowed to smoke in any work or public building.

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