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    on a heating pm today, the lady was telling me that she had the vent pipe replaced last year on her 4 year old rheem furnace. i asked why...

    she said "the remodelers said it was not the right kind of vent for the furnace. it was a pipe that went up for 3-4", then had a gap, then it continued with another pipe with s small hood on it... you know, like a water heater!"

    to be sure, i asked, "you mean there was a chunk of vent pipe missing right here? and you could see this green coil box thru the gap in the pipe?"


    the original contractor has 2 or 3 trucks, see them around town now and then... i'm still at a loss for words

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    I had to go to a house today to run some new vent piping, because the peoples cimney fell. My boss tells my there should be two pipe going threw the wall. I saw the one pipe for the furnace, but did not see the pipe for the water heater. So send my helper into the basement told him to see were the pipe went to. He move some of the old furnace cement and found that the pipe just went into the block wall and stop. The water heater was older. The HO said that water has been there seen the moved in.

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