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    I'm just wondering if anybody else finds that the Mastercool ball bearing pipe cutter leaves a lip on the outside edge of the pipe?

    It's gets annoying when I cut down 1 1/8 and 1 3/8 pipe and I have to get the file out to file down the damn lip so I can put my fittings over the end.

    I bought a new cutter wheel and even returned my first cutter back to the supplier. I'm just seeing if it's just me or a design flaw with these cutters.

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    I did a lot of supermarket reno's in the past six months. Trying to get fitting on the damn pipe is a nightmare. They work well except for that outer burr. It's a pain to try and get off even with a deburring tool give you're on the outside of the pipe.

    Went back to Imperial and am happy thus far.

    As of now I work with ridgid imps, Imperial up to 1 1/8, 1 5/8 and the gigantic ones

    I've found the yellow jacket cutters bum out over time and draw designs in your pipe.

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