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    Cool Expert Advice on Winter Energy Savings

    Hey guys I know we are getting out of winter, put this is a question I often get asked, especially in Kansas City where the winters can be brutal and really take a toll on a furnace or heater. We even wrote a blog post about it last year- We would love to hear others HVAC guys advice throughout different parts of the U.S. and anything you know or have discovered for energy savings during cold weather months for your area.

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    Well its shorts and flip flops in the winter where I am

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    That is a fun and interesting question. From a home performance perspective air sealing and insulating are always the easy answer. How that is done is the tricky answer. After doing 100'sof energy audits I can tell you its all come down to the individual building. Becoming an expert at understanding your local building stock and knowing the subtleties of the home in you market will pay off big time.

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    A problem with homes is the same as it's always been. Poor construction both the build and the mechanicals.
    After the oil embargo in the 70's I thought for sure construction would change and become energy conscious. Never happened at least not in mainstream construction.
    It took a code re-write and force feeding contractors to achieve what we have now.
    I know there have always been contractors that don't fit that mold but they are few.
    You will know that what's out there in new construction is sad. All that's needed is to list what you might want in a home build then ask where they are.
    Anything built to code is built to the minimum legal standard

    You can be anything you want......As long as you don't suck at it.

    SMW Lu49

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    You can use blinds for solving this problem of energy saving in winter. Like in summer blinds reduce the heating amount to enter inside, same thing apply for winter, blinds reduce the amount the heat going from inside to outside.

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