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    Getting Mastic out of clothes....

    Cintas always picks up our uniforms and always return them spotless. But I have a company jacket that Cintas is not responsible for cleaning. And it's got quite a few mastic stains on them.
    Any ideas how to get the mastic off the jacket?
    Thanks, Guys.

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    I wish Cintas brought mine back spotless, they don't even unroll the sleeves if they are rolled up. I put on a " clean" one the other day and the sleeve was masticed in place rolled up to my elbow. I just use 5 for install and 6 for service and keep one of each in the truck. If you catch the masticky clothes between the washer and dryer them the mastic will peel off, use a hot rinse cycle and start peeling as soon as the washer is finished with its cycle. Its time consuming but it works for most of the mastic.

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    i quit having cintas wash my stuff because they couldnt be responsible enough to bring them back. then the boss would ding me for new uniforms. he got all pissed off when he found me washing them myself. i told him 'you charge me for uniforms so i'll do whatever i please with them.' the charge came directly out of the paycheck every week. he couldn't argue that one...
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