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Thread: Nice boiler

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    Exclamation THE CHAIN

    Seems to me by the surrounding soot marks around the boiler door, that the oil burner was experiencing delayed ignition and blowing the door open. Boy what people will do to save a buck or two!

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    The pics of that old boiler make me feel sorry for being the companys " boiler" guy, i know that i am the one to get that job, lucky me.

    Nice work by the boys there too.

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    i am laughing very hard

    I never laughed so hard. i took a boiler out one time ouch never do that again have fun i agree with the other guy get it in several pieces that is what we did. it was still hard and i was sore for a week.

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    those powered appliance carts are great for these pigs!!
    Take your time & do it right!

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