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    Strange Oil furnace call

    So I get a call from a customer who says they have an oil leak in their utility sink in the basement??? So I go to take a look and find this ....

    Leaking flare fitting on oil line leaks oil into condensate pump ....pump then pumps it into the sink. Notice in the pic the 3/8 vinyl tubing full of #2 heating oil.

    Unit is less than a year old and look at the condensation on the flue. Inspected chimney cap no problems there. Stack temp @ 383 and draft @ -.21. Installed high fire nozzle for the furnace and had to install a 2nd draft regulator to get the draft under control. Guess thats what happens when you take the furnace out of the box and turn it on without adjustments.
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    God, I hope my company didn't do that one.
    Not as lean, not as mean, but I'm still a hardcore, ass-kicking, hard charging Marine! Oohrah!

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    Yeah thats a nice certified oil shut off valve
    Here's your sign...

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