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    Quote Originally Posted by emcoasthvacr View Post
    As the only licensed Professional Engineer & HVACR Contractor in the U.S. that has proven credentials starting a career as a technician, I'm placing Amana (along with Bryant) on my watch list for low quality products.

    And there is nobody on this site that has the credentials to refute this opionion.

    Enough said.

    again with this credentials crap...

    And again, with absolutely nothing good to add to the conversation. Did you happen to minor in English? or was Engineering the only option...

    I agree with those that had something intelligent to add...

    Disconnect needs a better and neater whip run.

    Disconnect behind the unit with what may be a little too close clearance wise.

    Only checking charge with low side guage high side, no SH/SC readings, doesn't even have a meter out to take amp draw and voltage readings.

    More could have been done on the start-up aspect.
    I fully support the military and the War on Terrorism.

    If you don't know, then don't do. If you don't know and still do, then be prepared to pay someone else a lot to undo what you did and then do it right.

    If you do know, then do. But do it right. Otherwise, you may not be doing it long.

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    both stages wired to Y1?
    Yup. Net effect, no first stage. System would always run in second stage.

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    Is there anything else? Inspector coming today

    to look it over. Gonna submit these to him before finalization of contract and payage

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