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    Wire toner/tracer?

    Ive been lookin at these online, my father has one for the cable industry from when he was in the field. It works great for tracing wires, has anyone tried these in the field for finding power wires, or t-stat and control wiring, etc?
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    I borrowed one once from a sparky when I had to find a broken communication line somewhere in a bldg for their controls system with no prints It saved me days I have been meaning to buy one ever since they are fantastic

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    That is the same one I have, great product. I replaced the toner last year after years of use. Last time it payed for itself, again, we found the neutral we needed at a refrigeration rack for 1 of dozens of solenoids in a store.

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    I do a little networking on the side and did cable for a while and have used that same one a lot. I havent had to use it for any HVAC work though. Other people have claimed that they chew through batteries, but I'm still on the original set after almost 2 years. And I have left it turned on quite often.

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    I carry 3 toners, one amplifier, 2 harris but sets, 66 and 110 punch down tool, can wrenches, cat 5 tester, crimping tool to RJ-11 and RJ45 and an assortment of telecom connectors. I keep all of them in my truck in a plastic tool box marked TELECOM.
    It's not extremely often I need these tools but I will say very much worth it when I do. The particular brand in your link is not what I have but as a matter of fact the 3 toners I have are all different brands but I would say well worth the investment and worth having in the truck.
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    This one is the best, comes with a pouch and can be picked up at Home Depot for about 75 bucks.
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    For Thermostat, Controls, Data , Communication I have the Harris its dose a good job for that.

    For Power lines and even metal piping I have the Amoprobe AT-2005.

    It is $$$ however it paid for itself in. It is the best investment next to my Digi-Cool I've made. I don't use it everyday but it saves SO much time when I do use it. It finds short to Ground, broken wires, thought wall or in ground, and can be use like a pipe Hawk, Find Breakers, Live and dead circuities.
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    I coulda used one a few times...
    Now when I do need something like that though I call a fellow coworker who's a major electronics dork. He's got the old school tone generator... you know, the one's bigger than a lunch box with the vacuum tubes and all that.
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    This is what i have
    it will also test lan lines i have goten some jobs when its slow with it.

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