It was sitting in pieces for a while. I got laid off. lol

but i dropped it out of my truck. And it stopped working. I came to the conclusion that the drop had thrown the motor off center and it was seizing up.

I took it apart and just put it back together. Back in center and the shaft is turning again.

But when i did i lost the little woodruff key that was on the smaller vacuum rotor. And i just got the new one today.

I put it in and put the pump back together.

Man it sounds great. Just no suction. lol

Trying to see if any of you know exactly how the pump assembly goes back together. Which way the rotors are supposed to face and which way the rotor cover plates go back on. The larger one has a little channel in it.

I wasnt sure so i took the little rotor cover off and turned the pump on. It was vacuuming through the little hole between the large and small rotor. So i figured it was good. Then put the small rotor back in and put the pump back together and nothing.

Anyone with any advice would be much appreciated. Ive been laid off so i really dont have any money to take it to a repair place.

I looked on but their little schematic of the pump shows the vacuum assembly as a whole. So i cant see exactly how things should be facing.

Page 9. Figure 17. How does it go back together. Im stumped here. It seemed simple. But as i said i took it apart 2 months ago and now im trying to put it back together so i dont exactly know.

Someone go take their pump apart and tell me how it goes. Thanks. lol j/k