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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim1959 View Post
    I saw on this forum where somebody had a veto and had to repair his own zipper because a seamstress wouldn't work on the material and veto wouldn't fix it.
    As long as they are within the 5 years Veto will repair or replace.

    My Tech LC bad popped 2 zippers at the 4 year and some change. They sent me a new bag and asked I return the old one. They even sent a return paid for label.

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    I made a bad post, I just remembered the guy had had the zipper replaced by Veto about six times and maybe he hated to bother them any more. He might have been pretty rough on it. I obviously can't remember very well.

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    Two-way Radio, don't know how many times I've backtracked to
    Find it. Cut proof gloves, hex keys, Torx tamperproof bits, employee badges. I no longer carry them on the outside. At $75 a pop, if someone wants to see my ID, I'll take it out of my wallet. Used to loose safety Glasses. Now without them I can't see; LOL.
    I only have to make it work till I retire.

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