I posted this in the general discussion section but it looks like this is a better place.

I have a FL state certified mechanical license. My license is good throughout the state and unlimited in the HVAC field. Its above "Air A" and "Air B," licenses.

Im looking to qualify a larger company that wants to expand to FL or that has lost their qualifier.

For those in other states whom have no idea what I am talking about, here is an explanation. FL does not have reciprocity with other states on contractors licenses. Therefore, you need to apply for a license to do work in FL. Its an expensive, difficult and long process. Someone who is already licensed in FL can act as a "qualifier" for another business to qualify them under there license. You can't give away or sell a license. It belongs to the person only. If they die or leave, the company cannot operate. Or if they are from out of state, they may not be able to get a license in a timely manner and may loose a big upcoming project.

You can find out more info on the my Florida license website.