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My 1.5 year old HVAC system started exhibiting a very bad DSS (Dirty Socks Syndrome) smell when I turned it on during the Christmas break. I would like to buy the most economical and cost effective UVC light, considering the long term 10 year cost of the initial purchase and replacement bulbs.

I have 2 Amana (Goodman) HVAC units, one each for each floor (1000 sq ft per floor). Each unit is dual stage (2 tons, 3 tons). The CFM for one unit is 715 and 644 for the other.

I want to install the light between the two slabs of the acoil. (That's downstream in my case but there isn't any room upstream; the furnace butts right up to the acoil enclosure.)

I am considering the American Ultraviolet Eliminator RPT which has a high output 12K hour bulb. Of the various products available, do you have a better recommendation?
Dirty socks needs a damp spot to accumulate biological grow between cooling cycles. I have fixed it by operating the fan continuously between the cooling cycles. This dries out the entire duct/coil area between cooling cycles.
Suggest investigating your air handler and find the damp spot and clean it or shine an UV lite on it. Next dry out you ducts/a/c throughly a couple hours everyday. Drying interupts the biological growth cycle. In addition, I discharge my whole house dehu into the supply ducts which keeps everything dried out. I maintain <50%RH throughout the home. I also provide 60-80 cfm of fresh air via the dehu when the home is occupied. No DDS after that treatment. Regards TB