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    New York City Watch operating engineer question???

    Hey, I'm a few months away from taking my practical portion of the fdny test to receive my new york state operating engineer license. I'm actually worried about how the job market will be once i pass the test. Should i try to go into a union course if possible? If so which one>? Or is there anything i can do that will help me get my foot in the door.. Need advice asap!!!!! : )

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    take a look at they are the main operating engineers for almost all the hi-rise office buildings within the NYC area.many of the OEM service techs doing service in those buildings Trane/York/Carrier have their "TICKETS" and are right there on the equipment you will be tested on.they know all the chiefs and the crews that are active Local #94 you get in to a building is something i could never figure out once your pass the test........that site might give you a lead in. good luck... i know the guy who gives the test for the FDNY practical......bring a pocket mag lite with you,and keep your answers short and sweet.
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