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Thread: what this?

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    what this?

    i changed out a txv,filter and recharged a 2hp copeland(semihemetic).
    as i was watching the sight glass, after i cleared it, here comes some really dark freon flowing past the went away after about10 seconds and then came back one more time..
    the stuff was so dark i couldnt see the back of the sight glass.
    system is 2+ years old..

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    This happens when I pump down an old system that has been retrofitted from the old to the new refrigerants. After repair and evac, the flow will be black for a bit, which I can now see because I have also replaced the blackened sight glass. I never saw it with the old refrigerants so maybe it's something with the oils?

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    I would pull some oil out of the system and check its color and acidity level. The black stuff you are referring to may be either burned oil or sludge that accumulated in system. You may think about installing a suction line filter and taking a pressure reading across it after some hours of operation. If its greater than 2lbs pressure replace it and repeat.

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