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    Honeywell IAQ on cold wall

    New heatpump system with electric backup installed in typical 68 split level. Stat is on cold inside wall between the two levels. Wall is colder to the touch than outside wall. IAQ is erratic when using strip heater.
    Question is can the installer put some sort of insulation behind the stat to isolate it from the wall somewhat? The only place to move the stat is to the upstairs hall which is always a couple degrees cooler, is that a good idea? Go to a less sensitive digital stat with differential like I had before this one. I had no problem with it in the same place. Leaning toward this option but would like your opinions!
    Thank you.......

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    may be possible to install a remote indoor sensor and locate that elsewhere. It would have to be somewhere that can get a 2-wire pulled to.
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    edit: upstairs hall is always a couple degrees WARMER

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