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    Lennox or Armstrong

    Are Lennox and Armstrong furnaces & air conditioners basically the same? I have quotes for both systems and the Armstrong and substantially less expensive.
    Lennox-Elite XC13 A/C & G50 furnace w/standards installation and dual zone.
    Armstrong-416LT A/C & 80 Tech furnace w/ standard installation and dual zone.
    The Lennox system is almost twice as much.
    Which is better? Is Armstrong just junk?

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    I would be more concerned about the company doing the install, than the brand of equipment.

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    Nothing wrong with Armstrong. They're actually owned by Lennox.
    I'd be considering a higher efficiency unit though. Why not 93 or 95%?
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    The 16LT is a 2 stage outdoor unit, really needs to be on a variable speed indoor unit.

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