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    Big Ben, class act.....

    After the game, being interviewed on the field.
    First words out of his mouth were in regards to the troops overseas right now.
    I'm pretty sure my son was watching the game, from Afghanistan, even though it was like 7AM.
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    That is pretty cool. Its way too rare somebody shows some public honor and respect for out troops. In our town we wear red on Friday. Simple show of respect, but you'd be surprised how many wear it.
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    So true,if not for our men and women serving our country the way they do....there may be no SUPER BOWL,Dice tell your son thank you from the mo-flo family for his service to our's people like him that make this country great and allow us to enjoy the freedom and liberties that we so often take for granted.

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    Yeah, I saw that. Boy I hope all the Steelers are healthy for the big day. I think there are some changes in store for Philly..........
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