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    Hmm Thermostate for Unused rooms

    I have thermostates that serve a gas fired boiler which kick on the system if the temperature in the room drops below 60. These rooms get only occasional use. I would like to swap them out for a simple thermostate that can can be adjusted down to 50 or better yet has a on/off switch. What should I be looking for and suggestions on where to buy? Thanks

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    Do you really want to turn them off? I had a customer who turned off the t-stat in a room he doesn't use. When he woke up monday morning and the baseboard pipe had froze and busted. He lost a couple 1000.00 worth of electronic equipment.

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    Smile Followup to original posting

    The two rooms are connected to the rest of the house and the house is heated, so there is no danger of them getting really cold. Those rooms have there own thermostate that will not allow me to turn them down below about 55. So if I close the door to the rest of the heated space they kick on the zone for that room and so I am unable to keep from heating unused space. I guess I was just looking for advice on what type of thermostate to get so I could switch out the ones I have in them now.

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    Yes same thing my customer. The t-stat was on the wall between the connected rooms. The living room on one side was warm enough to keep the t-stat from turning on. It was cold enough this weekend that it froze the pipes, even though the t-stat was set at 55 degs.

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    If the unused rooms are 55 degrees, the walls between them and the adjoining rooms will be cold, as they are uninsulated. so the adjoining rooms will need more heat to be comfortable. So you won't save as much as you would think. 55 degrees is as cold as I would set it.
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