Going thru a small town and the local gendarme stops me and gives me a lecture about my speed. Asks to see my liscense and registration, I tell him they are in the glove compartment, but that there is also a gun in there. He steps back away from the car and calls on his radio for a backup. Comes back up to the window and asks me to step out of the car and asks me to open the trunk. I tell him that I'd better not as there is a body in the trunk. Now he handcuffs me and sits me on the ground just as the State trooper rolls up with lights flashing. They have a small conference at the rear of my car and the trooper approaches. He asks to see in the trunk and I give him the keys. Nothing in the trunk but the spare tire. Next he asks me about the registration, I tell him its in the glove box. He checks it out and gives a dirty look at the local cop. Then he asks to see my liscense and I fish it out of my wallet. I ask him "What were you looking for in the trunk?" He says "He told me there was a body in there." I said "Yeah, and I'll bet he told you I was speeding too Huh?"